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Divorce without minor children

My spouse and I do not have children together, but the wife gave birth to a child while we are still legally married. Can I file for divorce without children?

No. You must file the divorce with minor children paperwork, even though the husband is not the biological father of a child born during the marriage.

Divorce without Minor Children – Uncontested

You and your spouse agree on all issues including spousal support, property division, and debt division. Your spouse will sign an acknowledgment of service and Settlement Agreement in front of a notary.

Divorce without Minor Children – Contested

Your spouse will not agree to sign an acknowledgment and/or Settlement Agreement and will need to be served by a Sheriff Deputy.

Divorce Without Children by Publication

You do not know where your spouse is located.

Divorce Terminating Husband’s Parental Rights

The Husband is not the biological father of children born during the marriage. You MUST file a divorce with children in order to terminate the Husband’s legal parental rights.

Response to Divorce without Minor Children