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Child Custody


There is an existing order in place and you want to enforce the provisions of that order against the other parent.

Declaration of sole custody

This packet is intended for mothers attempting to obtain a passport for a minor child born out of wedlock. These forms cannot be used if there is  a child custody order already in place. We recommend you first apply for your child’s passport by following our tips and recommendations located at our Passports for Children page.


This packet is for fathers of children born out of wedlock for the purpose of establishing visitation and legal custody rights.


There is already an existing court order and you are asking the court to change the order based on a substantial change of circumstances.

Parenting Plans

Georgia law requires certain provisions in all custody orders. Propose a parenting plan or use one of these plans to present both parents’ agreement concerning custody and parenting time.

Temporary custody or guardianship for non-parents

There are a number of options available depending on whether or not you have the consent of a child’s parents.