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Passports for children

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If your child will need to travel internationally, you should make sure the child has a valid passport, if possible. If the child is under 16, then generally both parents must go with the child to apply for the passport.

Applying and you have parental consent for a passport

Applying without parental consent

Parents can apply for a passport for their child without the other parent’s consent if you can demonstrate there is an emergency or special circumstances why the other parent cannot sign the consent form, or where you as the applying parent can prove you have sole custody of the child.

Sole Custody
Tips for applying for a child’s passport without consent

Make and keep copies

Make a copy of everything you plan to submit to the Department of State and keep all of those documents together for your records.


If the application is denied, please contact a lawyer immediately. You can apply for an appeal and try again, but you must do so right away. The attorney could also advise you about applying for sole custody if necessary.

Children born outside of the United States

If your child was born in another country, check with that country’s embassy or consulate to find out what you will need to obtain a passport from that country. The embassy may advise you of other considerations as well, including the possibility of obtaining dual citizenship for your child, if eligible. You can find the closest embassy to you at

For more information

We recommend you visit for additional information and requirements to apply for a passport on behalf of a minor child.