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Name Change

Will my court case change my name on my driver’s license or other government-issued identification?

A name change does not automatically amend the birth certificate, driver’s license or social security card. This process is for obtaining a signed order from the judge.

How do I change my driver’s license or Social Security card if I already have a name change order signed by a judge?

If you already have a signed court order granting your name change, you need to present a certified copy of the signed order to the governmental administration (Office of Vital Records, Department of Drivers Services, Social Security Administration).

Do I also have to amend my birth certificate once I obtain a name change order signed by the judge?

The Office of Vital Records can only amend birth certificates pursuant to the court-ordered name change for persons born in the state of Georgia. However, you may not need a birth certificate amendment and should consult with an attorney to understand your options.


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