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List of Every Form

Posted by Sherlyn Selassie at 3:39 pm on March 11, 2016

This page lists every form which can be downloaded and printed. We are working to make all these forms fillable, but for now we recommend free PDF editing websites if you want to fill out these forms online.  Some websites we have used with success are,, and



These forms are required by the Court for family law cases

  1. Domestic relations case filing information form
  2. Domestic relations case final disposition form
  3. Mutual Restraining Order
  4. Parenting Seminar Order
  5. Report of divorce
  6. Standing Order Child Support and Perm Parenting Plans
  7. Summons


  1. Acknowledgement of Service ONLY
  2. Acknowledgment of Service, Consent to Jurisdiction and Venue, and Consent to Present Case
  3. Consent- Birth Certificate Amendment
  4. Consent- Modification Custody
  5. Consent – Name Change Child
  6. Legitimation acknowledgment and consent
  7. Settlement agreement with children
  8. Settlement agreement withOUT children
  9. Family Law Clinic Consultation Agreement


An affidavit is a sworn statement made under oath. The affidavit is submitted in support of a claim or request included in your complaint/petition.

  1. Affidavit of custody election (prior order)
  2. Affidavit of custody election (no prior order)
  3. Affidavit of Diligent Search
  4. Affidavit of Indigence and Eligibility to Proceed In Forma Pauperis (Pauper’s Affidavit/request for fee waiver)
  5. Affidavit of Single Status (marriage certificate applicants)
  6. Affidavit in Support of Birth Certificate Amendment
  7. Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit
  8. Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit (Excel calculator)


A complaint or petition is the primary document which is filed to initiate a court case and indicates the type of case which is being filed.

  1. Annulment Complaint
  2. Birth Certificate Amendment petition
  3. Birth Certificate Amendment – ENGLISH (interactive online form)
  4. Birth Certificate Amendment – SPANISH (interactive online form)
  5. Contempt petition (general form for Gwinnett County orders)
  6. Contempt and modification of child support
  7. Declaration of Sole Custody
  8. Divorce Complaint With Children
  9. Divorce Complaint Without Children
  10. Legitimation and custody petition
  11. Modification of Custody and Child Support
  12. Modification of Child Support and Alimony petition
  13. Name Change -ADULT 
  14. Name Change -CHILD 
  15. Registration and contempt of Support 
  16. Registration Enforcement Custody 
  17. Registration and Enforcement of Support
  18. Registration and Modification of Custody
  19. Registration and Modification of Support 
  20. Registration Contempt and Modification of Custody
  21. Registration, Contempt, and Modification of Support
  22. Separate maintenance complaint with Children
  23. Separate maintenance complaint withOUT Children
  24. Support petition(establish child support-no paternity issues)
  25. Support and Paternity


  1. Discovery Responses_DEFENDANT_Admissions
  2. Discovery Responses_DEFENDANT_Interrogatories
  3. Discovery Response_DEFENDANT_Notice to Produce
  4. Discovery Response to Admissions-PLAINTIFF
  5. Discovery Response to Interrogatories-PLAINTIFF
  6. Discovery Response to Notice to Produce-PLAINTIFF
  7. Request for Production of Documents & Notice to Produce
  8. Request for Production of Documents to Employer
  9. Request for Production of Documents-NON PARTY (financial institutions)


  1. Certificate of Service
  2. Rule Nisi (notice of temporary hearing)
  3. Verification
  4. Voluntary dismissal (Defendant’s)
  5. Voluntary dismissal (Plaintiff’s)


  1. Child Support Slideshow
  2. How to efile (from home)
  3. How to Scan and Email Documents from Your Smartphone
  4. Instructions for service by Gwinnett County Sheriff
  5. Instructions for service by publication
  6. IInstructions for sheriff service outside of Gwinnett
  7. Instructions for voluntary Acknowledgement of Service
  8. How to Obtain Court Documents (re:SearchGA)


  1. Motion to Appoint an Interpreter
  2. Motion for Contempt
  3. Motion for Reconsideration
  4. Motion for Service by Publication
  5. Motion to Appoint an Interpreter
  6. Motion to Appoint a Private Process Server
  7. Motion to Consolidate
  8. Motion to Seal File
  9. Motion for Temporary Hearing
  10. Motion to Terminate Income Deduction Order
  11. Motion to Transfer Venue


  1. Notice of Birth Certificate Amendment (with order)
  2. Notice of Change of Address
  3. Notice of Adult Name Change
  4. Notice of Filing Name Change – Minor Child
  5. Notice of Lis Pendens
  6. Notice of Publication (general)
  7. Notice of voluntary dismissal-DEFENDANT
  8. Notice of voluntary dismissal-PLAINTIFF


The orders on this website are proposed drafts which are submitted for the judge to sign. 

  1. Birth Certificate Amendment Order
  2. Child Support Addendum
  3. Divorce Final Judgment and Decree – WITH children
  4. Divorce Final Judgment and Decree – without children
  5. Adult Name Change Order
  6. Name Change Minor Child Order
  7. Order of Publication (general)
  8. Temporary Order
  9. Termination of parental rights (divorce cases only)


  1. Annulment Packet
  2. Birth certificate amendment packet
  3. Contempt Packet (for Gwinnett County orders)
  4. Contempt and modification of support packet
  5. Declaration of sole custody packet (for passport consent issues)
  6. Divorce with Minor Children (Uncontested)
  7. Uncontested Divorce without Children (complete packet)
  8. Divorce without Minor Children – Contested
  9. Establishment of Custody
  10. Establishment of Support and Paternity Packet
  11. Legitimation Packet
  12. Modification of child support-alimony packet
  13. Modification of custody packet
  14. Name Change Packet – ADULT
  15. Name change- Minor Child packet
  16. Publication packet
  17. Registration and contempt of custody
  18. Registration and contempt of support packet
  19. Registration, Contempt and Modification of Custody Packet
  20. Registration, Contempt and Modification of Support Packet
  21. Registration-modification of support packet
  22. Registration-modification of custody packet
  23. Separate maintenance with children packet
  24. Separate maintenance without minor children packet
  25. Support packet – no paternity issue (establish child support)


These are proposed parenting time arrangements to indicate to the judge what custody arrangement you believe is in the best interests of your child(ren).

  1. Permanent Parenting Plan – BLANK
  2. Graduated Parenting Plan
  3. Permanent-Parenting-Plan-STANDARD
  4. Permanent Parenting Plan-LONG DISTANCE
  5. Permanent Parenting Plan Order – sole custody to Plaintiff


  1. Power of Attorney for care of a Minor Child


Respond to a family law case which was filed against you in Gwinnett County 

  1. Annulment – Answer
  2. Annulment – Answer and Divorce Counterclaim
  3. Answer-and-Counterclaim-General
  4. Annulment – Answer
  5. Divorce-Answer and Counterclaim (no children)
  6. Divorce – Answer and counterclaim (with children)
  7. Legitimation answer and counterclaim
  8. Separate maintenance with children – Answer
  9. Separate maintenance with children – Answer and Divorce Counterclaim
  10. Separate Maintenance answer (no children)
  11. Separate Maintenance Answer and Divorce Counterclaim (no children)


Support enforcement documents can only be utilized after you have already obtained an order for child support and alimony. The Georgia Department of Children and Family Services will only enforce alimony if there is also a current child support obligation.

  1. Checklist
  2. FSR Registration Form
  3. Income Deduction Order (IDO)
  4. Income Withholding Order for Support (fillable version helpful hints)
  5. Notice To Payor
  6. Statement of Rights, Remedies, and Duties

For more information about enforcing child support, please visit: Georgia Child Support Services

  1. Motion to Terminate Current Support Withholding
  2. Consent order terminating withholding

For more information, please visit:

Filing and service instructions

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